What types of vehicles will CNG systems NOT work on?

Dedicated diesel engines, however we offer CNG blend systems, some gasoline engines equipped with turbo’s or superchargers.

Does CNG Interstate offer installation?

Yes, there are currently dealers being trained nationally, check the locator map

Does CNG Interstate offer tanks or cylinders?

Yes, we offer DOT-certified tanks

How long does it take to get a system installed on a vehicle?

10 shop hours, you want to plan at least 1-½ days for your vehicle to be out of service.

What type of warranties are offer on the CNG conversion and installation?

Manufacture product warrantee subject to manufacture terms, and a 12-month CNG Interstate labor guarantee.

How do I get scheduled for an install/conversion?

You will first need to place your order with us. Once we qualify your vehicle we then schedule a time to have the CNG Conversion installed.

Do we offer fleet discounts?

Yes, this will be done by custom quotes and arrangements.

What is CNG or NGV?

CNG (compressed natural gas) or NGV (natural gas for vehicle) natural gas is a mixture of gases, methane (85 to 98 %).

Is LPG the same as CNG?

NO! LPG is a mixture of gases, butane and propane stored in a liquid state. Propane is a low-pressure liquefied gas and CNG is high-pressure compressed natural gas. The storage pressures are between 8 to 15 bars (116 psi to 217,5 psi) for propane and 200 to 250 bars for CNG (3000 psi and 3600 psi)

Is it possible to convert any vehicle?

Practically 100% of gasoline vehicles can be converted and diesel engines can be blended with Natural Gas.

What is the efficiency of one standard cubic meter of CNG

CNG Conversions typically will see a 10% decrease in performance. This is in power and fuel economy. In conclusion, 1Sm3 = 1,10 gasoline liter.

Why is CNG Environmental Friendly?

Because vehicles running on CNG produce less contaminating exhaust gases (emissions) than those vehicles running on petrol or gas-oil. CNG vehicles produce 20-30% less greenhouse gas emissions than comparable gasoline vehicles.

Is it possible to convert electronic fuel injection vehicles?


Which is the best cylinder for my car?

The cylinder to be chosen depends on the mile range you desire and the free space in your vehicle. Our tank sizes range from 6.8 to 24.5 equivalent US gallon. You can do multiple tanks to increase range.

Is CNG more dangerous than petrol?

No, clean burning CNG is safer. One of the reasons is that natural gas is lighter than air. It is difficult to have dangerous concentration of natural gas in the case of leakage because it dissipates rapidly. The tanks are also designed to release air slowly, never exploding, even from several rounds from a high powered rifle.

Is it possible to use any kind of cylinder to store CNG?


What are Emulators?

They are electronic devices that are used in fuel injection conversions. Generally two types exist: Injector Emulators are used to cut off Gasoline supply when the car is running on CNG. It is used to prevent gasoline from mixing to the natural gas. Lambda Sensor / Oxygen Emulator is used to emulate the lambda sensor when the car is running on CNG. It prevents the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) from registering any failure in its memory (NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT).

What is a timing advance processor?

It is an electronic device that manipulates the original timing of the vehicle when it runs on CNG. Because CNG has more octane than gasoline, a Timing Advance Processor must be used. For that reason the timing is altered back and forth from when it is operating on gasoline and when the engine is running on natural gas.

What is the power lost when CNG is used?

It is approximately 10% .

Is there maintenance work on a CNG Conversion?

YES, the original maintenance program must be followed. There are many advantages that exist over gasoline, for example: the motor, and the motor oil life will increase and your car will run cleaner, the components need to be checked every year, filters and other adjustments may need to be changed.

Is there enough US supply for Americans to use natural gas?

Absolutely. A recent article by USAToday states that America has 118 years of resources under our own soil, NOT foreign. If we can make at least a partial transition, we can prevent sending billions of dollars to foreign nations. Check our news section for other information on this topic.

Where am I going to fill up? Are there any places where I live?

You can look at our pump locator to see if there are any locations near you. There are several major companies that are purchasing compressors to be able to deliver CNG, but it will take some time to develop this infrastructure so everyone will be able to take advantage of this resource. There is also ongoing legislation that will help to subsidize these costs, as well as other incentives.

I’ve heard of tax incentives in having a CNG vehicle. What’s that about?

Depending on your state, you can receive from $1,000-$18,500 to offset the cost of the conversion. You may also receive a tax credit if you have a Phill station installed at home. You can also become eligible to use the HOV lane and free parking.